Logo Origin

In a remote corner of the vast native wilderness, there lived a man named Brave Eagle. He was known for his courage, resilience, and deep connection to the land and its spirits.

One day, Brave Eagle heard of a legendary mountain that was said to be impossible to climb, a towering peak that challenged even the bravest souls.

Driven by a desire to prove his strength and conquer his own doubts, Brave Eagle embarked on a perilous journey to reach the summit of the impossible mountain. Along the way, he faced fierce storms, treacherous cliffs, and daunting obstacles that tested his physical and mental endurance.

As he climbed higher, Brave Eagle found himself fighting inner demons—fears, insecurities, and past traumas that threatened to hold him back. Doubt crept into his mind, whispering that the mountain was too high, too steep, too impossible to conquer.

Brave Eagle refused to give in to despair. Drawing strength from the teachings of his ancestors and the spirits of the land, he pressed on with determination and resilience. With each step, he recited prayers, sang ancient chants, and focused his mind on the goal ahead.

As the summit came into view, Brave Eagle felt a surge of emotion, a mixture of exhaustion, triumph, and awe. He realized that the true challenge had not been the mountain itself, but the internal struggles he had faced along the way.

At the summit, surrounded by the vast stretch of the wilderness, Brave Eagle felt a profound sense of peace and clarity wash over him. He understood that the impossible mountain had been a metaphor for his own journey, a testament to the power of perseverance, courage, and belief in oneself.

Descending from the summit, Brave Eagle returned to his tribe as a changed man. He shared his story, inspiring others to confront their own internal struggles and mental health battles with courage and willpower.

The moral of Brave Eagle's journey was clear: no mountain is truly impossible to climb when you have the strength and determination to overcome your own limitations.

Our logo represents the impossible mountain and the person wearing it possesses the strength to conquer it.